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Services provided by Alifano include:


Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Need a part installed or replaced? We can do it. From speeding up systems with a new, faster SSD, or adding RAM so your computer can handle more things at once, we’re capable of all sorts of hardware fixes.

Data Recovery Specialists

Dropped, soaked or otherwise broke your electronics? We’ll look it over and do our best to get your photos, contacts, email and other files off intact.

Home Theater Experts

If you’re installing or retrofitting your home theater setup, we’re here to help smooth things along. Wiring and setting up audio/video can be complicated, dirty and frustrating, so let us do it for you.

Security Cameras

Want to know what’s going on at your house or business, from anywhere in the world? Our setups range from simple to extravagant, but they’re all easy to use. If something goes wrong, or if there’s a service outage, our local presence means we’re on hand to fix things as soon as possible.